Škare za LJEVAKE 21cm-krojačke-for left handers

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Professional tailor’s scissors for left-handers
PRYM KAI Professional
KROJAČKE ŠKARE za lijevoruke 21cm
krojačke škare 21cm prilagođene za ljevake

Tailor’s shears for left hand use, standard handles;
handles and blades ground and assembled for full
left-hand use

Finally, professional scissors, which do not
neglect creative left-handers

The high quality tailor’s scissors from KAI
are specifically designed to be

used in the left hand and offer the same
high performance as all the

other Professional tailor’s scissors.
The precise cut of the blades is the

guarantee of excellent cutting performance.
The scissors are manufactured from
well-known high quality stainless steel.

The ergonomic soft grip sits comfortably
in the hand and the lower eye has

space for up to four fingers, which transfers
the force of your hand with ease.

The differentiated colour coding on the
handle distinguishes

these scissors from others in the
sewing products range!

Dressmaking scissors “Professional”, top quality
Whether jeans or linen, these scissors guarantee neat cuts
and precision with all types of material