polegnute krojačke ŠKARE 23cm Prym KAI Professional

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PRYM KAI Professional
KROJAČKE ŠKARE 23cm “polegnute”
polegnute za ravne duge rezove
Jeans, jersey, silk or linen: the angulation
on the blades of these
professional tailor’s scissors from KAI ensures a safe,
straight cut.
The extremely hard stainless steel of
these scissors ensures balanced
cutting quality even in intensive continual use.
The blades are particularly carefully mounted
and polished to
prevent crushing of the fabric.
The connection of the blades
by screw and screw thread prevents
wear and tear.

The ergonomically-designed
soft grip is a special feature,

because the soft plastic of the
inner ring allows you to work

effortlessly and without pressure.
Up to four fingers will fit into the large eye,
which reduces effort when cutting.

Tailor’s shears, soft handles;
for straight, clean cuts due to angled blades
Dressmaking scissors “Professional”, top quality
Whether jeans or linen,
these scissors guarantee neat cuts

and precision with all types of material