Prym KAI krojačke ŠKARE Professional 21cm

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šifra: 611512
krojačke škare 21cm

Tailor’s shears, soft handles
Dressmaking scissors “Professional”, top quality
Whether jeans or linen, these scissors guarantee neat cuts
and precision with all types of material

Tailor’s scissors, which sit comfortably in the hand,
making sewing enjoyable! From fine silk fabrics to thick
wool the tailor’s scissors ‘Professional’ from KAI cut every
material with precision and without snagging.
Moreover, the lower blade of the fabric scissors is positioned
so that the textiles cannot slip during cutting.
The blade is manufactured in high quality stainless steel;
the Rockwell hardness of each scissor blade is exactly the same
and this results in balanced cutting performance.
The blades are fitted with optimum precision,
so that when cutting, the scissor blades meet at only one point,
which prevents crushing of the cloth.
Ergonomically-designed soft grip for
the textile scissors for safe, convenient work.