BOBBINFIL donji konac

Madeira BOBBIN THREADS / BobbinFil – donji konac za štikanje (vezenje) ! Perfect Embroidery guaranteed To ensure problem free sewing and optimum appearance of the embroidery design, the correct bobbin thread is essential. As the manufacturer of high quality embroidery threads, MADEIRA is naturally also involved in the development of top grade bobbin threads. The result is an even, barely discernible bobbin thread which ensures the upper thread runs smoothly without breaks even on large runs. This fine, soft thread is absolutely strong enough to guarantee perfect embroidery and perfect adjustment of the bobbin thread’s tension. MADEIRA bobbin threads harmonise with our complete range of top stitching threads and of course are the same high quality. MADEIRA bobbin threads achieve outstanding sewing performances and is your first choice bobbin thread to run with your preferred MADEIRA embroidery thread.

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