F056 Edge JOINING FOOT-za brother 7mm

17,25  (129,97 kn) sa PDV

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TEČAJ: 1 EUR = 7,53450 HRK Šifra proizvoda: XC6441352 Kategorija: Oznake: , ,

šifra: XC6441352


For easily join two pieces of fabric or attach lace or trim.
Perfect for precise and easy joining of fabrics, even sheer
and difficult fabrics.
Hold fabrics in place while leaving a space to allow open
decorative stitches such as open weave stitches.

  • Reference marks to increase accuracy.
  • Foot can be used to line up and sew trimmings such as lace to edges of other fabric
  • Centered blade enhances ability to follow the edge of the fabric

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