CIK-CAK ŠKARE 23cm Prym KAI Professional

330,00 kn sa PDV

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šifra: 611515
PRYM KAI Professional
Pinking shears, standard handles;

no neatening of material edges due to serrated cut
Dressmaking scissors “Professional”, top quality
Whether jeans or linen, these scissors guarantee neat cuts
and precision with all types of material 

The clean pinked edges from the professional pinking shears
from KAI make neatening of fabric edges superfluous.
These sturdy pinking shears from KAI make it easy to cut
effortlessly through several layers of fabric. The pinking
shears lend themselves to leather work and to cutting
decorative edges in décor card and paper. Because of
the ergonomic soft grip they sit extremely comfortably
in the hand and cut with precision, without snagging
the material. The large eye of the scissors can take up
to four fingers, which makes for effortless, pressure-free
work. Force is efficiently transferred to the high quality
stainless steel pinking blades. In addition, the whole length
of the lower blade of the pinking shears lies
straight on the work surface
while cutting and so the shears can safely be
used for cutting on an underlay.