CIRC1 brother Circular Set-kružna vodilica-za brother 7mm

86,27  (650,00 kn) sa PDV

Trenutno nema na zalihi!

šifra: CIRC1

Excellent tool for creating circles with straight stitching, zigzag, embellishing and decorative stitches.

Omogučuje nam da šivamo kružno sa korisnim i dekorativnim bodovima !
Podesiva veličina kruga od 30 do 130mm u 5mm koracima.

U kompletu se nalazi stopica za dekorativno šivanje i stopica za 3-končani uvez.

brother CIRC1 komplet paše na sve INNOVIS šivaće strojeve.

Includes the Braiding Foot with an adjustable guide that offers you hands-free (after set-up) placement of cords,
ribbons and braiding up to 5mm in width centered along selected circle circumference.

Circular attachment
• 1 screw for set-up (plus 1 spare)
Braiding foot
Cording foot (3 cords)
• Quarter Circular Template
• User manual

• Circular size is 30mm to 130mm
• Scale displayed on every 5mm
• Template is used for matching the first stitch to the last
• Can be used with optional presser feet

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