Madeira SmartBox konci

Madeira Smart Thread Box kompleti… Smart-BOXES !!! Big spools, great colors and excellent value ! Choose from 6 different new Smart Boxes filled with the best selling colors of embroidery, quilting and sewing threads packed in an unbreakable storage box that protects your precious thread. 8036 Smartbox COTONA No.50 Machine Quilting Thread, cotton 18 x 1000 m 8043 Smartbox RAYON No.40 Machine Embroidery Thread, viscose 18 x 1000 m 8051 Smartbox LANA No.12 Machine Embroidery Thread, wool 18 x 200 m 8061 Smartbox GLAMOUR No.12 Machine Embroidery Thread, metallic 18 x 200 m 8063 Smartbox AEROFIL No.120 Sewing Thread, polyester 18 x 1000 m 8064 Smartbox AEROSTITCH No.60 Machine Embroidery Thread, polyester 18 x 1000 m

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