Refill-BIJELA kreda za Prym ergonomic Stick-Multi-Mouse

40,00 kn sa PDV

Dostupno za isporuku odmah


šifra: 610956

zamjenska bijela kreda za Prym ergonomic

Stick, Multi i Mouse alate za označavanje
  • Replacement chalk cartridge for chalk wheel “Mouse”, “Stick” and parallel tracing wheel “Multi”

  • Including tracing wheel needles and protective cap

  • Dressmaker’s chalk in powder form for brushing and washing

  • Chalk cartridges available in the colours white and yellow

The chalk wheels “Mouse” and “Stick” and the parallel tracing wheel “Multi”
from the prym.ergonomics series can be refilled with this chalk cartridge in a snap.
With the cartridge, not only the dressmaker’s chalk powder is replenished in
white or yellow, but also the entire top including the chalk wheel
and cap are replaced.
In this way, the three ergonomic Prym marker aids are always fully
functional and ready for use when they are needed at the workplace
while sewing or dressmaking. Just as the prym.ergonomics series chalk wheels,
the refill was awarded the Red Dot Design Award in 2010.

Mit dieser Prym Kreidepatrone weiß können Sie jegliche Prym Ergonomics
Produkte nachfüllen, in denen sich Kreidepatronen einsetzen lassen.
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Parallelkopierrad Prym Ergonomics, Prym Ergonomics Kreiderad Maus und
Prym Ergonomics Kreiderad Stift.


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