šifra: 390117
Jersey Pearl Cap drukeri + alat
press fasteners, 6 sets-12 mm, silver

  • Non-sew press fasteners for thinner and stretch fabrics
  • The serrated ring means that no hole making is necessary
  • Easy fastening strength

The Prym “Jersey” press fasteners are characterised by their easy to medium
fastening strength and are especially intended for thin and stretch fabrics,
as are often used in baby’s and children’s clothing.
The advantage of this press fastener is that no hole has to be
punched for mounting – rather the integrated serrated ring only presses
down the fabric so that it is protected. Washing, spinning, cleaning, ironing,
mangling: for stainless “Jersey” press fasteners made by Prym, this is no problem.
The press fasteners are available in different colours and designs.
The 18mm size press fasteners can only be worked on with the included
tool however the 10 and 12 mm sizes can be worked on
with the VARIO pliers for non-sew products or the Prym tripod.


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