Hemmer Foot bernette b42_b48

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Hemmer Foot
za bernette for BERNINA FunLock b42 i b48

With the Hemming Foot makes hems more easily.
Just insert the fabric into fabric guide with the folded
side down and
slide fabric into guide under foot to needle.

1. Set machine for “Coverstich”.
2. Raise the presser foot and snap on “Hemmer foot”.
3. Insert fabric from the left side until the edge of fabric
lays against the guide.
4. Lower presser foot and sew, 1” (25mm) of hem is produced.
5. Note: when sewing in a circle , at seam end sew
about 1” (25mm) over the first stitches.
The hemmer foot quickly and easily sews even seams with
a depth of 2.5 cm. A narrow or wide coverstitch can be
used to neaten the cut edge.


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