F039N PICOT FOOT-za brother 7mm

150,00 kn sa PDV

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šifra: XC1974052

F039N PICOT FOOT (za 7mm)
* za hvataće konca sa 7mm širinom boda
brother A16 / A50 / A60se / A80 / A150
brother F400 / F410 / F420 / F460 / F480
brother NV1040se / NV1100 …NV2600

Decorative narrow hemmer foot for picot hem finishes.
Picot foot looks similar to narrow hemmer foot but is
designed to create a shell look edge on lightweight fabric.

  • Grooved soleplate for picot stitch formation
  • Cone shaped feet channel for edge finishing

Handy for use when sewing special fabric edges like frills.


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