KAI Xact KROJAČKE škare 25cm Micro Serration

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šifra: 611520
PRYM KAI Xact Professional KROJAČKE ŠKARE 25cm
brušene “micro serration” posebno
pogodne za svilu-protuklizne 

Xact scissors with micro serration, soft handles;
micro serration prevents slipping of diffi cult material
such as silk and synthetic fi bres
Dressmaking scissors “Professional”, top quality
Whether jeans or linen, these scissors guarantee neat cuts

and precision with all types of material 

These Xact Professional dressmaker’s scissors with serrated blade
are perfect for cutting challenging materials such as silk or synthetic fibre.
The special assembly of these precisely polished, stainless steel blades
ensure that the dressmaker’s scissor blades only touch one area – thereby
preventing the fabric from being crushed. Furthermore, the scissors impress
with their soft grip, which allow for pleasant and fatigue-free work.
The large eyelet provides room for several fingers, making only a
small amount of force necessary for cutting.