CTRK1 COUTURE sewing KIT brother F400-NV1100

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CTRK1 brother Couture Sewing Kit

The brother Couture Sewing Kit has been designed to provide our end users with a comprehensive package of feet for dressmaking projects. 

The kit includes:
– Adjustable binder foot (F071)
– Gathering foot (F012N)
– 5-groove pin tuck foot (F069)
– Straight stitch foot and needle plate set (SNP02)
– Adjustable zipper/piping foot (F036N)
– Non stick foot (F007N)

The Couture Kit CTRK1
can be used with the brother models:
NV1040se, NV1100, NV1300, NV1800Q, NV2600

F400, F410, F420, F460 and F480