igle Prym UNIVERSAL 130/705H 90, 10 kom.

5,30  sa PDV

Trenutno nema na zalihi!

šifra: 151544
Univerzalne igle za šivaći stroj

paketić sadrži :
10 kom.x 90 debjina igle

Whether it’s cotton, linen, or thin drape fabric:
With these universal sewing machine needles,
sewing work becomes child’s play, since they
are recommendable for all conventional,
firm fabric types.
The needle tips are slightly rounded –
this significantly aids sewing, since the needle
meets the thread without damaging it.
Since the sewing machine needles are equipped
with a flat shank, they can be used in all
conventional household sewing machines.

Prym 151544- Sewing Machine Needles – Standard
Pack of 10 top quality general purpose

sewing machine needles from Prym.
These needles come in a range
of size No. 90 suitable for
almost all natural and synthetic fabrics.
Code: 151544