SA231CV aparat za duplo ušivanje kose trake

SA231CV-Dual function fold binder

only for BROTHER COVERSTITCH iberdeke :
brother CV3440
brother CV3550

Der Brother CoverStitch Bandleger
eignet sich zum einfach oder doppelt Falzen und Aufnähen
in einem Arbeitsgang. Fertige Breite 8 mm.

Aparat za iberdek BROTHER CV3440/CV3550
se može u jednom radnom potezu
jednostruko ili duplo
podviti traka za paspuliranje.
Konačna gotova širina iznosi 8mm.

The Dual Function Fold Binder
is used

to fold 32mm wide bias fabric tape
into 8mm wide double fold bias tape,
and then apply the bias tape binding to
the edge of fabric.

Attach the binder to the

cover stitch machine simply with
the two included screws.

This accessory may also be used as a binder for single fold

bias tape fold binder.

This is an attachment to expand the functions that are possible
using the Brother cover stitch.

Manufactured from stainless steel, it is made to last and is adjustable.

Once attached to the cover stitch machine just in front of the needles
as the picture shows,
you can then feed 30/32mm tape through this attachment,
the binder will feed and fold the tape.
Offer your garment under the presser foot and sew… the dual fold binder
will guide the tape around the fabric edge so you can easily
cover sew it to the fabric in one operation
for a very professional edging.


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