PARALICA Prym Love ergonomic Pink-Stitch rippers

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PARALICA ergonomic
Prym Love Pink
boja: Pink
Stitch ripper
ergonomska paralica

  • Blade with rounded tip
  • Anti-slip recessed grip for effortless work
  • Handle is extended by the end cap
  • Modern, ergonomic design
  • Suitable for right-handers and left-handers

Sharp and handy – these are the distinguishing features
of the Prym stitch ripper from the prym.ergonomics range.
Ideal for unpicking fabric seams, the most impressive feature
of the stitch ripper with its sharp blade and rounde
d tip is the ergonomic shape of its handle.
The recessed grips are both soft and anti-slip and let
you work for long periods without fatigue.
A sturdy Prym stitch ripper, which both looks attractive
and sits comfortably in the hand and scores because of
its safety end cap. And if you want to lengthen the handle
when unpicking seams, you can stick the end cap on the
end of the handle, where it locks into place.
The stitch ripper from Prym can also be conveniently hung
around your neck. A handy stitch ripper, ergonomically designed
to impress beginners and professionals alike.