Alat za kutno i rubno oblikovanje Prym-Corner and edge shaper

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Alat za kutno i rubno oblikovanje
Corner and edge shaper
* for shaping corners, edges and curves
that have been turned inside out

  • For forming corners, edges and curves
  • Gentle on fabrics due to its rounded edges
  • Also suitable for folding paper, felt or cardboard
  • High-quality plastic in violett

The plum blue corner and edge shaper, with its asymmetrical
tops and the rounded blunt tip, enables the moulding of turned
over corners, edges and curves without damaging the fabric.
Unlike knives or scissors which are often used for this purpose,
this tool from Prym has no sharp edges but rather a rounded tip,
making it the perfect moulding aid when sewing cases, small bags
and much more. In addition, the corner and edge shaper is also
suitable for spreading out seams without ironing.
Even for handicrafts, the corner and edge shaper
can easily fold felt, paper or cardboard.

Prym Ecken- und Kantenformer
Der Prym Love Ecken- und Kantenformer z
um Ausformen von verstürzten Ecken,
Kanten und Rundungen.


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