BERNINA B475QE – šivaći stroj

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BERNINA B475 Quilting Edition – vrhunski šivaći stroj

BERNINA of Switzerland = 125 godina tradicije
Švicarska preciznost i jednostavno rukovanje !
Idealan izbor za dizajnere, krojače po mjeri kao
i one koji vole Quilting i Patchwork !

– 840 vrsti uboda sa 4 abecede
– 4 šivaće abecede / 10 vrsti rupica
širina uboda do 5,5 mm
duljina uboda do 6 mm
– automatsko udijevanje konca u ušicu igle
– automatsko rezanje konaca
– Start/Stop-tipka (šivanje bez reostata)
– slobodni rukav-177,7 mm desno od igle
– igleni STOP gore/dolje
– u isporuci produžni stol-Wide Table
– Touchscreen ekran u boji
– LED-šivaće svijetlo (8 LED)
– USB-priključak
– ugrađena BSR funkcionalnost(BSR stopica uz doplatu)

Designer Tiffany Pratt talks about the BERNINA 435 and 475 QE 

Opčenito o novoj BERNiNA 4 seriji :

Making your sewing and crafting life easier and more enjoyable is what the 4 Series is all about.

Innovative features make tedious tasks automated, making them easier to execute.
That means you are free to be the sewist, crafter, quilter, maker you have always wanted to be. The B 435 lets you make
all the creative decisions. Like choosing the stitch length and width or deciding the needle position. If you want the needle down
when it stops, you can. And all that control is conveniently located at your fingertips on the large, intuitive touch screen.


* Easy-to-use 4.3” colour touch screen
* Jumbo Bobbin with 70% more thread
* Adjustable presser foot pressure
* Needle threading with ease
* Lots of stitches & alphabets
(150 to 250 decorative stitches and up to 5 alphabets)


Choose from loads of sewing and decorative stitches as well as alphabets. A variety of BERNINA presser feet
or soles come standard on 4 Series machines, adding convenience and a real easiness to your efforts.
To keep them handy and organized, a nicely designed accessory case is included. Achieve permanent control
of the thread tension once it’s adapted to the thread and fabric. Even while sewing, the thread tension
adjusts automatically. And the innovative BERNINA Hook keeps every stitch perfect, consistent and precise.

the B475QE is a brilliant machine for those who are new or relatively new to quilting. Everything you
need to do, or everything you need to find out is literally at the touch of a button.
The 4.3 inch LCD display is a full-colour touchscreen and is easy to navigate, allowing you to save
custom settings and can provide detailed support when you need it. The manual is literally inside
the onscreen computer.
Not sure how to change the bobbin? Press a button and watch a quick video.

Want to know which needle and thread is best for stitching with denim?
Then ask the inbuilt Creative Consultant.
Want to find out how best to maintain your machine?
Read the instructions on screen and watch the video.
It also includes lots of information and top tips about quilting, all at the touch of a button. Incredible!

Another fantastic feature that for me has revolutionised my quilting experience
is the jumbo bobbin. With 70% more capacity than the standard bobbin, the thread just goes
on and on, so you don’t need to constantly re-fill the bobbin when quilting big quilts.
This is such a valuable feature, as there is nothing worse than running out of thread mid way through
quilting a quilt, we all know how frustrating that is!
Cleverly, the bobbins can also only be fitted into the machine one way, so you can be
guaranteed that it is fitted correctly every time.
And the new Bernina Hook makes perfect stitches much more easy to achieve,
with up to a 5.5mm stitch width and 900 stitches per minute.
In terms of throat space, there is a generous 7” to the right of the needle which
makes quilting those large quilts much easier !

I wasn’t lying when I said there is a button for everything. At the press of a button you can
get the machine to tie off the thread, and at the press of another button it can cut the thread
for you; features that just make the quilting process so seamless. I particularly love the
cutting sound that the machine makes when it cuts the thread, it’s very satisfying!
The automatic threader is a lifesaver too; no more struggling to get the thread through
the eye of the needle during late night sewing sessions.

The B475QE comes with a knee lift, which allows you to lift the presser foot by engaging
the knee lift with, yes you’ve guessed it, your knee. I’ve used a knee lift a lot and
it’s something I do without thinking, and it frees up my hands to better guide my fabric,
particularly when I’m doing machine appliqué or turning a corner. Hands on the fabric
ultimately means more control and precision, so my sewing is neater with a higher standard
of finish. I really cannot recommend a knee lift highly enough, once you have one you’ll
wonder what you ever did before !

It comes with six presser feet, including the ever-so-important #37 1/4” foot and
all the feet are compatible with all current models. It is also compatible
with the Bernina Stitch Regulator (BSR) which can be purchased separately.

The Eco function is a great introduction; if you’re popping out to walk the dog or
have a cup of tea, instead of switching the machine off and potentially loosing all your
settings, you can put the machine in ‘Eco’ mode.
This essentially means it goes to sleep, and upon your return you can simply
‘wake it up’ and carry on as you were.
Now I don’t have to stress about turning it off mid project, or feel guilty about leaving it on.

This really is a fantastic, sturdy and reliable machine and the vast inbuilt computer
allows you to do so much at the touch of a button.
Bernina have considered every aspect of the sewing and quilt making process and have
invented ways to make it easier and seamless.
It’s been such a joy sewing on this machine and for the beginner to experienced
beginner quilter, I can’t recommend it highly enough.  
If you’re looking for a new machine, find your local Bernina dealer and
try one out for yourself !

Happy quilting,

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