BERNINA stopica br.21 Braiding foot

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Braiding foot #21

For individual ribbons and cords

  • For couching cords and ribbons
    up to 3 mm wide.
  • Suitable for utility and decorative stitches
  • For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines

Braiding foot #21 makes quick work of couching thin ribbons, cords and rickrack,
and is also ideal for projects with passementerie, braids and couched-cord patterns.

Braiding foot #21’s beveled hole for cords and yarns up to 3 mm in diameter
ensures neat, even couching.
The result: high-quality, attractive sewing projects.

the braiding foot no. 21.
This foot can be used for couching cords,
narrow ribbons, braiding and multiple strands of thin cords or yarns.
The braiding foot is also suitable for passementerie, trimming,
elastics and corded appliqué. The beveled cut-out accommodates
cords of up to 3mm thickness. It allows precision guiding of the
threaded-through cords and yarns.


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