BERNINA stopica br.55 Leather Roller Foot left

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BERNINA stopica br.55

Leather roller foot #55 left

Sewing contours and tight curves

  • Especially suitable for contour quilting
  • For sewing tight curves
  • For multiple and quilted layers of fabric
  • For creating jumbo piping
  • For plastic, vinyl, leather materials and quilted fabric layers

Leather roller foot #55 ist a master at working on “sticky” materials such as leather,
suede or plastic. It’s also ideal for quilting and sewing multiple layers of fabric.

Leather roller foot #55 features a wheel with a textured surface,
which helps it roll easily over fabric and enables simple, precise sewing of curves
and straight lines, as well as the couching of braiding and cords.
An especially practical feature is the clear view of the entire stitching area,
letting you create attractive stitching on home furnishings and garments
in next to no time.

The leather roller foot no. 55.
This foot was originally designed to sew leather gloves.
Since the foot actually wheels over the fabric instead of
gliding as ‘normal’ presser feet would, it doesn’t leave marks.
The wheel’s profile ensures perfect grip on the fabric, allowing
smooth maneuvring on any fabric type.
Therefore the leather roller foot is the ideal choice for
straightstitching on materials which tend to stick such
as leather, plastic, vinyl, etc. It is also ideal for welting and quilting.


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