BERNINA stopica br.6 Embroidery foot

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BERNINA stopica br.6 Embroidery foot

Embroidery foot #6

For creative sewing

  • Ideal for buttonhole seams, appliqués and decorative stitches
  • Superb effects by couching decorative yarns
  • Simultaneous sewing of reinforcing thread or elastic thread
  • For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines

Embroidery foot #6 is ideal for satin stitching and other dense stitch patterns.
The wide channel under the sole allows it to glide effortlessly over thicker and
wider stitch formations without fabric feed being affected.

The result is a neat and consistent stitch pattern. Embroidery foot #6 also features
a small hole in the center of the foot for couching a narrow cord or elastic.

This makes it a cinch to sew attractive edge finishes and gorgeous
embellishments with this presser foot.

the embroidery foot no. 6. It is suitable for any satin stitching and can be used
for decorative stitch patterns, satin stitching, appliqué, couching perle yarn,
sewing off-the-edge scallops, and embroidery.
The wide indentation on the sole ensures that the foot glides over thicker and
wider stitch formations smoothly.
The small hole in the center of the foot acts as a guide for couching a narrow cord.
This comes in handy for embellishing or reinforcing edges and seams with cording.
The foot is available with clear sole (foot no. 39) providing good view of
the needle-penetration and needle area.
Foot no. 39 will be presented along with more presser feet in the
further sections of the presser-feet tutorial.


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