BERNINA stopica br.20 Open embroidery foot-za 5mm

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BERNINA stopica br.20 Open embroidery foot-za 5mm

Koristi se obavezno uz BERNINA SPANICH SET br.47

Open embroidery foot #20

Clear view of the embroidery area

  • Perfect for sewing decorative stitches
  • Creation of attractive appliqué designs
  • Allows lines and patterns to be followed precisely
  • An open form for a clear view of the project
  • For 9 mm machines

Open embroidery foot #20 is a specialist when it comes to embroidering
with your sewing machine.
This foot is ideally suited to Richelieu and circular embroidery,
as well as to following lines and patterns.

The wide opening at the front of the foot affords a clear view of the stitching area,
while the wide wedge-shaped channel under the sole of the foot
ensures perfect fabric feed even over dense stitch formations.

The Open embroidery foot is also available with a special non-stick sole (#56) for use
with “sticky” fabrics.
What’s more, the design of Open embroidery foot #20 makes it ideal for sewing
on trims and creating attractive appliqués.

The open embroidery foot differs from embroidery foot no. 6 in so far as it has
a wider space between the toes, affording a clear view of the stitching area
and the needle.
The wedge-shaped indentation on the sole allows compact and bulky stitches
to pass under the foot without inhibiting the feeding of the fabric.
The open embroidery foot no. 20 is particularly suitable for appliqué,
Richelieu embroidery, following patterns and lines, curves and corners,
and attaching various types of tapes, e.g. ribbons or elastics.
The open embroidery foot no. 56 comes with sliding sole for materials that tend to stick.


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