BERNINA stopica br.86 RUFFLER za plisiranje

78,31  (590,03 kn) sa PDV

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šifra: 0083867500

BERNINA Ruffler #86

aparat/stopica za plisiranje-nabiranje trake
za BERNINA šivaće strojeve strojeve

For ruffles and uniform pleats

  • Create ruffles and uniform pleats with ease
  • For gathering individual fabric layers
  • Adjustable pleat density and depth
  • Results in even pleats
  • For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines

Ruffler #86 is a specialist in the simple gathering and pleating of fabrics.
Thanks to its variable setting options, both pleat depth and frequency
of gather can be varied.

This means that Ruffler #86 can set a pleat with every stitch,
every 6th stitch, or every 12th stitch, as you choose.
There’s also the option of sewing without pleating,
without replacing the presser foot (ruffler setting = 0).

Gathering is performed by the special gathering blade,
which causes the up-and-down motion of the needle to
catch a bit of fabric each time and slip it under the needle.

The result: neat, even gathering and pleats on home furnishings or garments.  
The depth of the pleat can be infinitely varied by turning the adjusting screw.

A flexible tool for all your gathering and pleating needs.
For sewing small pleats and gathering on a

single layer of fabric, as well as pleated ruffles
The ruffler is adjustable and becomes indispensable when
the amount of gathering needs to be controlled exactly
You can control both the depth of each pleat and
the distance between pleats
It is particularly useful when long rows of
gathering are required such as in Home Dec projects
You can gather or pleat a single layer of fabric while
attaching it to a straight, ungathered layer in one operation
Recommended for light to medium weight fabrics
The Ruffler Attachement comes with
Low Shank Adapter #75 for Generic Feet pre-attached

the ruffler no. 86.
This presser foot lets you gather
and pleat single layers of fabric very easily.
It is
also possible to gather one piece of fabric and
stitch it to a flat piece in a single operation.
Pleat density can be varied — a pleat with every
stitch or every sixth or every 12th stitch.
The depth of the pleats can also be adjusted as wished.


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