BERNINA stopica br.32 Pintuck foot with 7 grooves

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BERNINA stopica br.32 Pintuck foot with 7 grooves

(sa 7 utora u kombinaciji sa 2,0mm dvo-iglom)

Pintuck foot with 7 grooves #32

For beautiful pintucks

  • Ideal for mini-piping, trimmings and smocking
  • For Entredeux and chopstick work
  • With 7 grooves for 7 parallel pintucks
  • For use with a 2 mm double needle
  • For fine to medium-weight materials

Pintuck foot with 7 grooves #32 is a specialist for sewing especially fine pintucks
on light to medium weight fabrics using a double needle.
The typical pintuck shape is produced by the bobbin thread, which pulls together
the two lines of stitching as you sew.

The grooves in the sole of the pintuck foot act as a guide for stitching several
perfectly parallel pintucks. The cutout in the center of the foot provides an
unimpeded view of the needle-penetration area and facilitates working with this foot.

The pintuck foot is also highly suitable for smocking and entredeux work,
as well as fagotting.
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and get to know the versatile Pintuck foot with 7 grooves #32!

the pintuck feet no. 30, 31, 32, and 33. Producing even pintucks is child’s play with these feet.
BERNINA’s pintuck foot comes in four variants to suit various pintuck sizes.
Presser foot no. 30 has three grooves.
It is suitable for heavyweight fabrics in combination with a 4-mm twin needle.
Presser feet no. 31 and 32 are for mediumweight fabrics and have five (no. 31)
and seven grooves (no. 32) – ideal with a 3-mm twin needle. Use these feet for
decorative pintucks e.g. on wool, suit linen, denim and home dec.
Use pintuck foot no. 33 with 9 grooves on thin fabrics such as batiste.




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