BERNINA stopica br.69 Roll and Shell Hemmer 4mm

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šifra: 0084877300

BERNINA stopica br.69
za običan porub od 4 mm
sa mogućim cik-cak i ravnim bodom

Roll- and shell hemmer #69

Beautiful hems for stretch materials

  • Creating double-fold hems using an overlock stitch
  • This foot saves on work and time
  • For hems with a width of 4 mm
  • For soft and stretch materials
  • For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines

Roll- and shell hemmer #69 is a special presser foot for hemming
soft fabrics such as tricot.

With the aid of a scroll, it turns the fabric under twice,
holding it together securely in the channel guide in the sole of the
foot until it is sewn.
The result is a narrow, slightly three-dimensional hem.

Depending on your choice of stitch, Roll- and shell hemmer #69 can
also sew a scalloped hem.
In addition, it is suitable for sewing on lace and trim.

Professional rolled hems are made simple
with this especially designed foot.
The double turned hem is rolled and stitched in one operation.

The straight channel on the bottom of this foot helps guide a perfectly
straight hem Use this foot to make narrow hems that are 2mm wide,
sewn with straight stitch, zigzag or decorative stitches with a maximum
width of 2mm Recommended for fine bridal-type fabrics, batiste,
chiffon and other fine woven fabrics Consider using a straight
stitch plate (Models 130-180, Models 1000-1630) for very delicate fabrics.
If using a straight stitch plate, remember to select a straight stitch
Note: Bernina® offers a variety of hemming feet to help ensure perfect
results in all your hemming applications: Foot #61 (2mm zigzag),
Foot #62 (2mm straight stitch), Foot #63 (3mm zigzag),
Foot #64 (4mm straight stitch), Foot #66 (6mm zigzag),
Foot #68 (2mm Roll and Shell) and Foot #69 (4mm Roll and Shell)


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