BERNINA stopica br.9 Darning foot

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stopica za slobodno-ručno štikanje/krpanje/heftanje


Darning foot #9

For quilting and repairing holes

  • Ideally suited for free-motion embroidery and contour quilting
  • Producing attractive lace and monograms
  • Its special shape makes it very versatile
  • Repairing holes and tears using the hosiery darning hoop
  • For 5.5 mm and 9 mm machines

With Darning foot #9, small holes and tears in fabrics practically repair themselves.
The hopper mechanism combined with the vertical spring presses the foot firmly
to the project, preventing the material from pulling up
withthe needle during sewing (flagging) and ensuring a neat stitch pattern.

The special shape of Darning foot #9 also makes it ideal for free-hand embroidery,
quilting, and creating attractive lace and monograms.

The darning foot is suitable for a series of free-motion techniques such as darning
smaller holes or tears. It is also ideal for embroidery, making lace, quilting and
sewing monograms.
When the needle raises a vertical spring presses the fabric down (hopper mechanism)
thus preventing the fabric from lifting along with the needle or flagging.
Use a hoop for darning and stitch once lengthways and once crossways over the mend.
Use a fine darning thread in matching color to blend in with the fabric.


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