BERNINA hook CRVENA čahura Bobbinwork za deblji konac

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Bernina Hook B9
RED Bobbin case for bobbinwork
*mogučnost udijevanja nešto debljeg donjeg konca
u čahuru
a koristi se za dekorativno šivanje “bobbinwork”

If you want to use yarn, decorative thread, wool or ribbons
as your under-thread, you can do so with the help
of a bobbinwork bobbin case.
This enables your BERNINA sewing machine to use
threads or yarns that cannot be threaded through the needle.
Depending on the model, you should use either a special bobbin
case or an adapted standard bobbin case.
Our video tutorial shows you how you can find the right
case for your BERNINA machine, how to spool your
desired yarn and achieve great effects with it.

Lots of useful tips make it easier for you to use
the accessories and illustrate what to look out for
when using this technique.
As a result, even free-motion embroidery is possible
using the BERNINA stitch regulator (BSR).
Our video will show you how. You can of course also
use decorative stitches with this technique to create your
ideal textiles with decorative yarn or ribbons.
Bobbinwork opens up a wide range of possibilities
for ambitious seamstresses.

You can find more information on other BERNINA creative
accessories and the wide range of possible
uses on

* na špulicu stane i do 70% više konca nego na drugim špulicama
* veća brzina šivanja i štikanja
* radna mirnoća kod šivanja vrlo laganih i teških materijala
Video u prilogu prikazuje kvalitetu BERNINA HOOK hvatača konca
koji se ugrađuje na BERNINA 7 i novoj 5 seriji strojeva za šivanje.
With the launch of the 7 Series sewing machines, BERNINA introduces
the exclusive new BERNINA Hook.
Combining the two best hook technologies; the stitch quality and flexibility
of the classic BERNINA CB shuttle with the speed and
quietness of a rotary hook, the BERNINA Hook is patent pending.

* Sew quieter, faster, longer, better
* Sew perfect stitches with 9 mm stitch width
* Jumbo bobbin to sew longer
* Frontload the bobbin with new thread

The BERNINA Hook keeps the stitches consistent and precise
with a maximum speed of 1,000 stitches per minute.




Video opis *kako izvaditi špulicu ako zaglavi u BERNINA HOOK čahuri

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