Prym KAI ŠKARE 25cm Hobby Dressmaking scissors

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ŠKARE 25cm Dressmaking scissors HOBBY
crvena drška

Sewing scissors
plastic handles with soft ring

The 25 cm long hobby dressmaking scissors are the “giants” of the
dressmaking scissors in the hobby range and have been designed for
occasional sewing tasks. For instance, if, from time to time, you want
to cut long lengths of fabric, you will be well equipped with these
dressmaking scissors from KAI. Because of the asymmetric design
of the scissors, the whole length of the lower blade of the scissors
lies straight on the work surface while cutting, preventing the fabric
from lifting or shifting. Up to four fingers fit into the larger eye of
the scissors – this transfers greater force to the cutting motion and
it is easier to control the Prym scissors. These scissors also have a
plastic handle with soft ring in two colours: the dressmaking scissors
from Prym are therefore easy to find and quickly to hand.