Prym ŠKARE 13cm, 5″ General purpose steel scissors

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šifra: 610560
Prym ŠKARE 13cm / 5″
General purpose steel scissors
UNIVERSAL Schere Ganzstahl 5” 13cm

Ideal for everyday household
needs The All-steel
universal scissors are impressively versatile,
because they cut paper, paper-board,
foil, packaging,
threads and much more.
The household scissors are
made completely from stainless steel
with metal eyes
and a highly-polished surface.
Scissors with rust-proof
blades, with a remarkably long
life and always
ready to hand, when you need
a practical all-purpose
aid in the house, the office or for hobbies.
The compact 13 cm length of
these scissors makes
them easy to store.
Whether for right-handers or left-handers:
these household scissors always
sit comfortably in the hand.