Krojački PAPIR 10x1m-Dressmaking pattern paper with a grid

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Dostupno za isporuku odmah


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Dressmaking pattern paper with a grid, 1x10m
Krojački papir za vađenje krojeva
sa oznakama
dimenzija role: 1 x 10 metara

The conventional dressmaking pattern paper is ideal
for transferring patterns and for creating cutting templates.
The screened dressmaking pattern paper with printed scale is
an additional aid for enlarging patterns and creating motifs.
Prym offers both products in semi-transparent tissue paper
in the dimensions 1 m x 10 m – not folded but in a roll.
The tracing paper is extremely transparent and therefore
allows you a perfect view for transferring the lines.
This is the way to success for every pattern.

Prym DressMaker’s Pattern Paper
Lightweight yet tough special pattern
paper for dressmaking.