Flizelinska traka za porube_duljine 5m_širine 30mm

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Dostupno za isporuku odmah


šifra: 968170
Flizelinska traka za porube duljine 5m, širine 30mm
Hemming web with backing paper
duljine 5 metara i širine 30mm

  • Iron interfacing for sew-free hemming of trousers, skirts, dresses and much more.
  • 100% polyamide
  • Widths: 20 mm, 30 mm, 38 mm and 75 mm, lengths: 5 m or 25 m
  • Ironable and washable up to 60 degrees

Prym’s hemming web makes it possible to
hem dresses, coats, skirts, and trousers,
even without needles or a sewing machine.
First, the web is ironed with the coated, free
side along the edge of the fabric while it is
protected by an anti-adhesive paper.
After removing the anti-adhesive paper,
the waistband can very easily be turned and ironed.
This hemming web is made of 100% polyamide and is
machine washable up to 60 degrees.
It is available on a card in four different widths
(20 mm, 30 mm, 38 mm, and 75 mm) with a
length of 5 m.
With a width of 38 mm, Prym also offers
this practical ironing interfacing, 50 m long, in a cartridge.

Saum-Vlies mit Trägerpapier 38 mm weiß 5 m – Karte von Prym


Name: Saum-Vlies mit Trägerpapier 38 mm weiß 5 m – Karte von Prym
Material: 100 % Polyamid
Beschreibung: Saum-Vlies mit Trägerpapier 38 mm weiß
ein Qualitätsprodukt von Prym
Bestens geeignet zum nadellosen Säumen von Hosen, Kleidern usw.
Bewährter Helfer beim Selberschneidern und Reparieren.
Farbe: weiß
Eigenschaften: Waschbar 60°, bügeln Stufe 2, reinigen mit Perchlorethylen
Breite: 38 mm
Länge: 5 m
Menge: 5 m auf Karte


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