OLOVKA na mine debljine 3.8 mm-16 kom.

90,00 kn sa PDV

Dostupno za isporuku odmah


šifra: 610846
Set olovaka na mine Ø 3.8 mm
(8 bijele + 8 raznih boja)
sa šiljilom
* za crtanje po tekstilu, papiru, drvu i plastici

The chalk cartridge set from Prym is suitable for tracing,
writing and marking on almost all surfaces. It is ideal for
hand crafts and hobbies, such as sewing, quilting, handicrafts
and model building.
The refillable cartridge holder can be used not only to make
exact line marks, but also to make dotted markings.
At the upper end of the cartridge holder there is a knob
with an eraser cartridge; press the retaining mechanism
on this to change the cartridge. The scope of delivery
includes 8 white and 8 coloured cartridges, the chalk
cartridge holder and a special sharpener for
the chalk cartridges.
The cartridge holder is supplied containing one white cartridge.
The cartridges are economical in use and are supplied
in protective packaging for transport.

Chalk cartridge set Ø 3.8 mm,
assorted colours = for writing, marking and
drawing on many materials such as textiles,
paper, wood and plastic,
1 chalk cartridge holder

8 coloured cartridges
8 white cartridges
1 sharpener


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