Rezervni kružni nož za Prym Ergonomics 45mm Rotary cutter

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šifra: 610477
Rezervni kružni nož
za Prym Ergonomics 45mm
kružni nož

Spare blade for
rotary cutter
Prym Ergonomics 45 mm
These standard or pinking spare blades with a diameter of 45 mm have been specially
designed for the prym.ergonomics rotary cutter, and with regard to shape and function form
a perfectly coordinated system. Although the blades are extremely sharp, they can be changed
with ease, because, right from the moment you remove them from the packaging up until you fit
them to the rotary cutter, the blades are safely protected. A high-quality plastic protective
cover allows you to change the blade safely without directly touching the blade. When the rotary cutter
is not in use, the blade guard ensures that the cutter can be safely locked. The safely packaged blades
should be changed regularly, because blunt blades lead to fatigue, inaccurate cutting and damage to
the cutting mat. The standard spare blade has a light green blade guard; the pinking spare blade
has a blue blade guard.


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