Rezervni kružni nož Prym 60mm JUMBO-1kom.

80,00 kn sa PDV

Dostupno za isporuku odmah


šifra: 611388

rezervni kružni nož
za PRYM Olfa 60mm JUMBO 

Spare blades are available as top quality stainless steel
standard blades for all Prym rotary cutters and can be
ordered at any time at your convenience. The equally
durable corrugated blades and serrated blades can be
used for the Prym Maxi and Maxi Easy and Comfort
rotary cutters, the Multi rotary cutters and the Omnicut
rotary cutters. The safely packaged blades should be
changed regularly, because blunt blades lead to fatigue,
inaccurate cutting and damage the cutting mat.
Care should be taken when changing blades, for the
blades are extremely sharp.

izrezivanje se vrši obavezno na posebnoj podlozi za rezanje:

1. Podloga za rezanje 30x45cm – mala = šifra 611386
2. Podloga za rezanje 45x60cm – srednja = šifra 611374
3. Podloga za rezanje 60x90cm – velika = šifra 611382
4. Podloga za rezanje-rotirajuća 30x30cm = šifra 610404


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