Omnigrid triangle MULTI ruler 20cm TROKUT ravnalo 60° za Patchwork

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Patchwork TROKUT Multi
do 20cm, 60°
za rezanje sa kružnim nožem
i mjerenje preko podloge

Perfect for all 60° shapes
(triangles, half triangles, diamonds).
Flexible use when cutting different
sizes and shapes.

Dimensions: 23 x 20cm
Variant : up to 20cm

  • 60° special ruler for a huge variety of patchwork projects
  • Cutting a variety of sizes and 60° shapes
  • Measurements: 20 cm or 8 inches
  • For beginners and experts

The Omnigrid® special ruler is ideal for
all 30 degree and 60 degree pattern pieces
in patchwork projects.
The sturdy plastic triangular ruler is easy to manipulate
and is therefore an indispensable aid both for beginners
and for experts in measuring and cutting triangles,
half triangles, lozenges, trapeziums and hexagons.
The measurements are clearly marked in centimetres
and inches, which makes it easy to use patterns in
different languages.
Includes instruction book on basic cutting techniques



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