OLOVKA za preslikavanje motiva glačalom-Red-water erasable transfer pencil

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šifra: 611602

OLOVKA (boja: crvena)
za preslikavanje motiva glačalom
  • For ironing on embroidery patterns

  • Washable marking pen

  • Red cartridge, screw-in / -out

Iron-on pattern pencil water erasable transfer pencil red color
The washable iron-on pattern pen from Prym is a suitable marking tool, especially for transferring
embroidery patterns onto natural textiles, such as cotton and linen.
The screw-out red cartridge is first of all used to transfer embroidery patterns and motifs onto
transparent paper.
To ensure that the motif is displayed the correct way round, the motif is once more clearly traced
on the reverse of the transparent paper with the iron-on pattern pen.
Finally the embroidery pattern can be ironed on with gentle pressure with the iron
at Setting 2 as a minimum.
Once the embroidery is finished the pattern can be washed out with ease.
This iron-on pattern pen is not suitable for synthetic fabrics, blended fabrics or silk.
Important: Before using the marking pen, use it to mark a test piece of fabric and then
test the removal of the marks from that piece of fabric.


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