brother RH137 – šivaći stroj

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brother RH137
šivaći stroj za domaćinstvo
Japanska kvaliteta i inovativnost
po povoljnim cijenama
uz jednostavno rukovanje.
* 37 vrsti uboda, korisni,elastični i dekorativni ubodi

* brzo i lagano šivanje rupice u 1-potezu
* jednostavno udijevanje konca i rukovanje

* lagana metalna unutarnja konstrukcija
* automatsko udijevanje konca u iglu
* LED osvjetljenje radne površine

* DVD video upute za lakše rukovanje sa strojem
* slobodno-rukavno šivanje
* brzi DROP-IN sistem hvatača konca = tihi rad
* duljina boda=4mm
* širina boda=5mm
* sistem brzog namotavanja konca na špulicu 

The brother RH137 the ordinary sewing are done reliably
and quickly.
You like to sew clothes or even design home furnishing.
Then you will have fun with this machine!
Thanks to the stitch length
and width regulator you can change the basic
stitches yet to taste, to
see more variations.
A one-step automatic buttonhole brings
with this sewing machine, useful accessories
round out the features.
A simple operation is self-evident for the RH137.
The runoff is via a wheel, you’re ready to sew.
Self-threading is done quickly.
The working surface of the sewing machine is
shadow-of LEDs and glare-free lighting.
Depending on the fabric, the working surface or
be used after removing the accessory from the
free-arm extension table.
To open and closed materials can be processed perfectly.

37 sewing programs (incl. 1-step buttonhole)

Adjustable stitch length
Adjustable stitch width
Needle threader
Non-glare LED sewing light
Arm for sewing tubular items.
Superfast thread, thanks to open eyes.
Reverse sewing a button!
Sufenlos adjustable sewing speed, the foot.
Quick change system for presser feet.
Accessory in the extension table.
Lightweight and compact with integrated handle for easy carrying
Instructional DVD

Accessories included:
Presser foot

A buttonhole foot
& zipper
Button sewing foot
Foot pedal
User manual


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