Thread cutter Prym Love – rezač konca

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Thread cutter  / Fadenabschneider

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Thread cutter = for easy and safe cutting of threads

  • Thread cutter “Prym Love”
  • Satin band for convenient hanging
  • High-quality rotary cutter blades

Thanks to this thread cutter, you can immediately
separate threads.
This thread cutter from the Prym Love series
is a true eye-catcher due to the mint design and
white dots alone.
In addition, it is also very practical, since it
can be conveniently hung like an amulet using
the satin band, therefore making it easily
accessible when sewing.
Its integrated rotary cutter blade, made of
premium stainless steel in the usual quality,
offer reliable cutting functionality
over the long term.
Its oval design with multiple recesses protect
the blade from damage and the user from injury.
An indispensable aid for dressmaking and sewing.

Prym Love Fadenabschneider
Der Fadenabschneider aus der Prym Love Serie zum einfachen und sicheren Abschneiden von Fäden.


  • Mit Umhängeschnur
  • Material: Kunststoff/Metall
  • Farbe: mint/weiß
  • Muster: Punkte
  • Inhalt: 1 Stück pro Packung


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