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bernette GATHERING FOOT-stopica za nabiranje

za bernette b05 ACADEMY/ b05 CRAFTER

As the sole of this foot does not lie flat on the feed dog,
the Gathering foot feeds the fabric unevenly.
Therefore a charming gathering effect results while sewing.


Switch off the machine.
Attach the foot as described in the instruction manual.
For some models, the presser foot holder may have to be removed.
To do this, switch off the machine, loosen the screw and remove
the presser foot holder.
Mount the gathering foot onto the presser foot bar and secure
with the screw.

Gathering a fabric

Note: Stronger gathered effects can be achieved using thinner
and lightweight fabrics.

Stitch type: straight stitch
Stitch length: >3
Feed dog: raised
Thread tension: max. 4 (adjust according to the gathered effect required)

The degree of gathering depends on the fabric thickness, the stitch length,
and the thread tension. Do a sewing test beforehand.
Sew onto a flat piece of fabric, keeping the fabric straight.

Napomena: ovaj video sadrži princip rada sa stopicom za
nabiranje samo je slika stopice od modela BERNINA koja ima
drugačiji gornji prihvat:

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bernette b05 CRAFTER / b05 ACADEMY


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