Snap-on shank br.78 za BERNINA 1008

21,24  (160,03 kn) sa PDV

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TEČAJ: 1 EUR = 7,53450 HRK Šifra proizvoda: 0327037000 Kategorija: Oznake: , , ,

šifra: 0327037000

SHAFT Snap-on za BERNINA 1008

gornji dio SNAP-ON stopice za pridržavanje
SNAP-ON-FEET donjih nožica :

br.1  Reverse sole 5,5 mm
= nožica za cik-cak (0327077000)

br.2  Overlock sole
= nožica za endlanje (0327167000)

br.3  Button hole sole 5,5 mm
= nožica za rupice (0327147000)

br.4  Zipper sole
= nožica za zatvarače (0327127000)

br.5 Blind stitch sole
= nožica za slijepi porub (0327177000)

br.8  Jeans foot sole
= nožica za traper, ravno šivanje (0329947000)

br.20  Open embroidery foot sole 5,5 mm
=nožica za dekorativno šivanje (0332277000)

br.37  Patchwork foot sole
= nožica za Patchwork šivanje (0332267000)

The BERNINA Snap-on shank #78 is essential for attaching snap-on soles,
which are easily attached to the shank by snapping the holder onto the sole.

This coupling mechanism facilitates changing between the individual snap-on
soles and saves time. The Snap-on shank can be used for the wide selection
of BERNINA snap-on soles.

Browse BERNINA’s extensive range of special sewing accessories now,
and discover the Snap-on shank for yourself – the innovative holder that
helps you achieve professional sewing results, fast!


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