REZAČ KRUGOVA na tekstilu Circle cutter 4-22 cm Prym Olfa

160,00 kn sa PDV

Dostupno za isporuku odmah


šifra: 610471
Circle cutter
KRUŽNI REZAČ za izrezivanje
KRUGOVA na tekstilu
u promjeru od 4-22cm

“SUPER MINI” kružnog nožića od 18mm
(šifra za rezervni nož 611581)

izrezivanje se vrši obavezno na posebnoj podlozi
za rezanje npr.

1. Podloga za rezanje 30x45cm – mala = šifra 611386
2. Podloga za rezanje 45x60cm – srednja = šifra 611374
3. Podloga za rezanje 60x90cm – velika = šifra 611382
4. Podloga za rezanje-rotirajuća 30x30cm = šifra 610404

The Prym circle cutter with rotary cutter blade is revealed in the
best OLFA quality; it makes it easy to cut fabric circles of radius
of 4 to 22 cm. The circle cutter functions like a set of dividers and
is the ideal tool for patchwork, quilting and sewing.
To make appliqués, fabric yo-yos, bulls eyes or compass quilts:
Simply place the fabric on the cutting mat, set the radius size to
the circle size required, remove the protective sleeve and release the blade.
The use of Prym fixing weights prevents heavy fabrics slipping.
The circle cutter handle is fitted with a ratchet function,
which allows it to move flexibly around the circle.