Refill drukeri ANORAK 15mm-black-10 sets-bez alata

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šifra: 390327
Refil bez alata
Drukeri ‘Anorak’ 10 sets, 15mm, boja: crna

The “anorak” non-sew press fasteners are perfect for jackets, anoraks,
dresses, skirts and fine leather materials thanks to their
medium fastening strength. The special feature is the bronze
spring wire (S-spring), which guarantees a smooth opening and
closing function. The press fasteners are available from rustproof
brass and in various finishes such as silver, gold-coloured, antique
brass, antique copper, old iron or burnished. Another attractive
option is the lacquered cap in white and black colours.
The tools and instructions are in the pack – so you can get started s
traight away! Alternatively, the “anorak” press fasteners can
be fixed with VARIO pliers for non-sew products or the tripod.
Sturdy Rustproof Brass, No-Sew Nickel press fasteners.
Ideal for a more robust fastening such as outerwear, bags,
purses, wallets, etc.
black, 10 sets – 15mm.


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