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“PATCHWORK & QUILTING starter set”

contains everything you need
for successful Patchwork & Quilting. 

This set is ideal for beginners or as extra equipment
for professionals
when travelling and at workshops.

sadržaj :
1 kom. preklopna podloga za rezanje 30 x 45 cm

1 kom. kružni nož Prym MAXI Easy 45mm
1 kom. univerzalno ravnalo 15×30 cm
1 kom. AQUA trick maker
(olovka za označavanje-vodom otopiva)
1 kom. Quilters Premium sewing needles 23/26mm, assorted
1 kom. paketić igli- pribadače 20g
1 kom. paketić igli za šivaći stroj 130/705H-Quilting 75-90 (5 kom.)
1 kom. stitch ripper-small, mala Ergonomics paralica
1 kom. Prym prospekt proizvoda za Patchwork&Quilting

With the patchwork and quilting starter set you
have everything immediately to hand,
which is useful for newcomers to the art
of patchwork and quilting. Everything is included:
from the folding cutting mat, which makes the set
easy to transport, to the Maxi Easy rotary cutter and
the extra-long glass-headed pins as well as the handy
Omnigrid ruler and an Aqua trick marker – just what
every beginner’s set ought to offer.
In addition, the patchwork and quilting accessories
set includes assorted quilting needles,
a small prym.ergonomics stitch ripper and
a storage box containing sewing machine needles for quilting.
The set includes a Prym P&Q catalogue, which gives
a comprehensive overview of the entire patchwork
and quilting range, together with helpful tips.