Prym LOOM MAXI square kvadratni 29x29cm

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Prym LOOM MAXI square kvadratni 29 x 29 cm

  • For creating patterned squares made of wool
  • Personal design options through wrapping and knotting
  • For squares with an edge length of 14 cm, 19.5 cm, and 25 cm
  • Includes 50 wooden pegs, wool needles, and instructions

With the loom MAXI, Prym is showing that wool
is not only used for knitting or crocheting. T
he loom board and its wooden board and
50 freely-attachable wooden pegs offer a
multitude of design options in three steps.
By wrapping and cleverly knotting or stitching
down the wool, square patterns in sizes
14 cm x 14 cm,
19.5 cm x 19.5 cm,
and 25 cm x 25 cm can be created.
Then the pieces are attached, for instance,
to bedsheets, pillow case, poncho, or many other
items through knitting or sewing.
This patented invention allows for ultra-personalised
and creative design with wools and yarns.
The loom MAXI includes a plastic, wool needle to
easily sew yarn ends and an instruction manual.
Ready, set, wind!