Prym KAI ŠKARE 23cm Hobby Dressmaking scissors

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ŠKARE 23cm Prym KAI
dressmaking scissors
HOBBY crvena drška

Sewing scissors
plastic handles with soft ring

From the stop face to the point the dressmaking scissors from KAI
radiate a high quality of precision and cutting safety.
The rust-proof stainless steel blades of these 23 cm long scissors
cut with millimetre precision and are so exactly balanced that it is
impossible to crush the material. The attractive two-colour design
of the handle makes the scissors really eye-catching, while the soft
ring around each handle makes for effortless work. Up to four
fingers fit into the larger eye of the scissors – this makes it easier
to control the Prym scissors and transfers greater force to the
cutting motion. Ideal for occasional sewing tasks!