Prym CLASSIC 18cm PROFI krojačke škare 7″ Tailor’s scissors

Prym CLASSIC 18cm PROFI krojačke škare 7″ Tailor’s scissors

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šifra: 610530

PRYM CLASSIC  7″ Tailor’s scissors Classic 18cm
vrhunske profesionalne

Tailor’s shears and dressmaking scissors, top quality

  • High quality steel scissors for professional tailoring
  • Steel-forged, individually sharpened by hand and tested
  • Smooth cutting action and long durability
  • No lifting or shifting of the fabric
  • Blade tension can be flexibly re-adjusted.

These tailor’s scissors from Prym cut especially effectively
for professional tailoring.
The scissors are completely hot-forged,
sharpened by hand and quality-tested to
ensure the highest precision and cutting
safety from stop face to point.
Up to four fingers fit into the large eye.
This makes it easier to guide the fabric
scissors and transfers more force to the cutting action.
Because of the asymmetrical design of the tailor’s scissors,
the lower blade remains on
the work surface, preventing the fabric from
lifting and shifting.