Okvir za vez 30x13cm EF85-brother F440e_F480

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šifra: XD0601002

Embroidery frame (extra Large) EF85
Klizni okvir za strojno štikanje “LL”
max.površina štikanja-dimenzije: 18 x 13 cm

dimenzija kliznog štik okvira : 30 x 13 cm
za modele štikaćih strojeva:

za modele:
brother F440e
brother F480
brother 750e
brother NV1250

Extra large (multi-position)
(sold separately with some models)
By attaching the extra large (multi-position) embroidery
frame using any of the three positions (1, 2 and 3)
shown in the illustration, patterns with a maximum size of
13 cm × 30 cm can be embroidered
if divided into sections to be used in the available
positions of the hoop with each section the maximum of
18 cm × 13 cm in any section.
Machine’s embroidery field is 18 cm × 13 cm .
Use when embroidering connected or combined
characters or patterns or large patterns.

1 Top installation position
2 Middle installation position
3 Bottom installation position
4 Embroidery field (when installed at position 1)
5 Embroidery field (when installed at position 2)
6 Embroidery field (when installed at position 3)