Prym Needle twister-magnetni spremnik za igle

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šifra: 610291

Prym ergonomic Needle twister
magnetna kutija/spremnik
za spretno čuvanje igli

All hand sewing needles and darning needles
can now be securely stored, since this plum
needle twister from the prym.ergonomics series
ensures protected storage and convenient with
drawal of sewing and darning needles.
Thanks to the twist mechanism at the base of
the needle twister, the needles are twisted out
in a fan-like fashion. This lets you recognise all
needle types and sizes at a glance, and they can
be removed as needed.
A magnet on the inside of the needle twister
ensures that the needles are in the right position.
Includes beautifully-shaped cap, which ensures that
the needles stay in the needle twister
thanks to its click fastener.
The needle twister is available in many different
attractive colours, therefore making it ideal for
sorting various needle types and sizes up
to a length of 64 mm.
The practical and
beautifully-shaped needle twister was
given the Red Dot Design Award in 2011.


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