NAPRŠNJAK Prym Love metalni vel. L

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Prym Love NAPRŠNJAK vel. L metalni

The colourful “Prym Love” thimbles are very appealing
with their discreet floral patterns on white, red or light
blue backgrounds.
Whoever thinks that an attractive design is important
in addition to functionality when sewing,
will fall in love with this thimble. Prym has the snazzy
“Prym Love” thimbles in sizes S, M and L.
The robust coated steel and the typical non-slip ridge
on the top of the thimble make it the perfect finger
protection for all needlework activities.

  • Thimble with multicoloured floral print design
  • Anti-slip edge for better guidance of the needle
  • 3 sizes: S (white), M (red) and L (blue)


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